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When a relationship ends, various issues can arise including divorce, separation, parenting plans, decision-making and parenting time arrangements, child support, spousal support and the division of family property.  We can help you address these issues via a negotiated agreement, or by advocating on your behalf before the court or a mediator/arbitrator.  In all we do, we put the needs of your children first. 


We understand and regularly assist non-traditional families with all of their family law needs.  Whether you are looking for assistance with assisted reproduction, adoption, or experiencing separation or divorce, we can work with you to meet your unique needs as peacefully and efficiently as possible. 


Whether you are considering adopting a child from a Society or an adoption agency, or seeking to have the legal status of your children or the children in a blended family secured, we can assist you to expand and secure the rights of parenthood.  In all we do, we put the needs of your children first. 


Many families prefer to have their issues addressed outside of a court.  A neutral mediator can assist families to narrow the differences between them and often reach an outcome that is perfectly tailored to meet their specific families' needs.  Where mediation fails to resolve all issues, an arbitrator can make decisions that bring closure for parties and their children.  


We work with families to assist and represent them during mediation/arbitration processes.  


Moreover, Robyn Switzer is an experienced and accredited family law mediator and arbitrator.  She offers a fair and supportive process that assists families to reach a resolution of their differences. 


We regularly appear at all levels of court on Child Protection matters.  When a Children's Aid Society becomes involved with your family, emotions can run high.  We will advocate on your behalf with the Society and at court to ensure that your children's wellbeing is the top priority.  


Parenting Coordination (PC) is a service for parents who have ongoing disputes about a parenting plan or separation agreement and who do not want to go to court to resolve those disputes.  Our Parenting Coordinators have experience with high conflict families, child development, family systems and patterns of domestic violence, as well as specific training in the unique process of Parenting Coordination.


At Switzer Family Law, our family parenting coordination service consists of an experienced family lawyer and psychology professional who work together to assist you in resolving your family disputes.  We use a combination of education, mediation, arbitration and counselling to reduce conflict. Our goal is to help families solve disagreements with as little conflict as possible. Our ultimate goal is to use these tools to move your family to a place where you are able to co-parent without needing our services. 

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