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Gay Couple with their Son
Gay Couple with their Son

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  • Divorce 

  • Separation agreements 

  • Spousal and Child Support 

  • Custody and Access 

  • Adoption 

  • Domestic contracts  

  • Mobility Matters 

  • Division of Property

  • LGBTQ Family Law Issues 



Mediation and Arbitration provide professional, creative, cost effective 

routes to resolve issues that arise from the breakdown of a relationship. These plans are 

confidential and unique to the needs of you and your family.



Parenting Coordination (PC) is a service for parents who have ongoing disputes about a custody order, parenting 

plan or separation agreement and who do not want to go to court to resolve those 

disputes. We offer child-focused PC services that put the needs of your child(ren) first. 

Family law is about the rights and responsibilities within families.  Our focus is on arriving at specialized solutions for the issues faced by you and your family.   Where children are involved, our priority first and foremost is on the needs and interests of children.  In everything we do, our goal is to protect children from conflict, and to ensure they are safe, secure, supported, and loved.   We also have expertise in adoptions and the law around the welfare and protection of children.

Separation and divorce can have serious financial repercussions.  We ensure our clients have all the information they need to make sophisticated financial choices when arriving at support arrangements and dividing matrimonial property.   We specialize in litigating disputes, and arriving at creative solutions to complex financial issues.

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